I like to explore ways in which permaculture design can be applied to all parts of life.. relationships, life choices, careers, alternative education systems, plans and projects, and of course land, gardens and homes of all shapes and sizes.

I have spent the past few years specialising in permaculture design and education for children, and work as lead designer and teacher for a permaculture playground design company Organic Playgrounds

If you would like to find out more about me you can read more about my history and permaculture experience here.

And you can see some of my past design work on the website I created whilst studying for my diploma in applied permaculture design, at www.muddyfingers.weebly.com.  


  • University of Edinburgh, 2006 -2009, Bsc Hons Ecological Science.

  • The Open University, 2015, 'Earth in Crisis - Environmental policy in an international context', level 3.

  • The Open University, 2017, 'Ecosystems', level 3.

  • Gaia University, 2017, 'Creating regenerative livelihoods' certificate 1.

  • Children in Permaculture facilitators training, (On behalf of the CiP Erasmus project), 2016, Slovenia.

  • Children in Permaculture peer to peer training, 2017, Scotland.

  • Permaculture design course (PDC), 2010, with Richard Perkins, Leeds, UK.

  • Diploma in permaculture design, 2011-2015. With the British Permaculture Association, UK.

  • Permaculture training of teachers (ToT), 2015. With 'Designed Visions', at The Inkpot, Lincolnshire, UK.

  • Diploma tutor training, began 2016 and ongoing. With the British permaculture Association, UK.

  • Forest School leadership level 3 training, 2015, Archimedes, UK.