The Inkpot Lincolnshire

This week we saw Hannah, Martha and Elizabeth at The Inkpot, their smallholding in Lincolnshire. Hannah is one of my most favourite people. We first met when she led a teacher training course I came onto years ago, and every time I see her she inspires me; she is one of the warmest, funniest, kind hearted and hard working people that I’ve ever met.

When Hannah moved onto The Inkpot back in 2010 the land was really degraded from many years as an agricultural field. Since then she has been working on increasing the fertility and biodiversity by mob grazing a herd of cattle, sheep and chickens, moving them over her land daily. She sells meat, eggs and wool from her animals, whilst also running many different permaculture courses and workshops. She is a senior tutor for the permaculture association which means that she helps apprentices along their diplomas alongside helping to organise many gatherings and trainings for other tutors, like me. She also manages to accomplish all of this with her twin 11 year old daughters Martha and Elizabeth, who are both utterly wild and wonderful in every way.

She has the most hefty reciprocal roof roundhouse shelter I’ve ever seen, it’s a total beast of a building and completely amazing! It’s still in the process of being finished, and we’re hoping that we can return after a few months of travelling so that Pete can help Hannah out with a bit of extra carpentry. For now we just spent a couple of days helping out a little, enjoying catching up in the Lincolnshire sunshine and waking up to our outdoor breakfast made by Martha and Elizabeth..

Hannah welcomes volunteers and interns on her land and has a huge amount of knowledge to share. You can find her courses and details at