Permaculture for children

If we are to create a brighter future, where better to start than with the next generation? Until recently permaculture teaching has been mainly confined to adults, but there is a growing network of educators worldwide that recognise the importance of learning these important life skills whilst young, and together we have been developing curriculum's and course plans, exploring the best way to share the fundamentals of permaculture with all ages.


With so many children becoming more disconnected from the natural world every year as play heads indoors and on to screens, how are we to teach them to care for something that they don't know and understand? With children in mind we can cover all of the foundation principles and topics of an adult curriculum in creative and inspiring ways, with a focus on immersive, practical and fun activities, working to set the foundation for a lifetime of learning by developing an understanding of the wild world around us. One great way to begin this journey with children is to spend time observing and connecting to nature, together developing a deep sense of our rightful place within the natural world and an understanding of how it feels to live in harmony within it. 


the european children in permaculture project

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For the past few years I have been part of a group of passionate childrens permaculture educators from all across Europe, and we have been gathering together to design a curriculum that could be made freely available to parents, teachers and educators worldwide. The project was granted Erasmus funding which, alongside the development of the network and curriculum enabled two training courses to take place - the first part in Slovenia in 2016 and the second in Scotland in September 2017.  This curriculum is such a great resource to be put out into the world and so many people have been working incredibly hard bringing it all together. You can read more about this project on the official Children in Permaculture website and on our facebook page.

Training courses in permaculture education for children

I regularly run permaculture training courses aimed at those working with children, either through education or parenting. You can see more about these courses on my upcoming courses page


permaculture design and education within schools

In 2015 I began working in schools across the UK under the business name of 'Organic Playgrounds'. I use permaculture design to create gardens, wildlife areas, natural play spaces and outdoor learning areas, along with a range of workshops and after school classes for the children and training courses for teachers, helping to support them to take their children and curriculum outside.  

For more on Organic Playgrounds please visit our website here →