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A google earth view of the site 

4 mature and 3 smaller semi mature trees. Mainly laid to grass, with borders of decorative plants and shrubs around some of the boundaries. There is a wider variety of shrubs and grasses in the memorial garden.


Some garden birds, have so far spotted sparrows, robins, blackbirds and starlings. Also squirrels nearby. More wildlife could be encouraged to enter as the school backs onto a large field which leads to open countryside.


One small decorative wooden bridge, with two wooden planters attached. Three small wooden benches sunk into the ground, and one movable picnic bench and table. One old bird house. The school building itself is to the north side of the garden, so it won't be creating any shade but does have south facing walls that can potentially be used. A new fence will be being installed along all boundaries with locking gates, at some time around the same dates I will be implementing the garden, in the school summer holidays of 2017, and I can have some control over the route that the fence will take so that it supports the garden design. The eastern edge of the garden shares a boundary with a pub back yard wooden fence, which is starting to fall down but will be replaced along when the new fence is installed. A neighbours house creates the boundary wall on the far south-eastern edge of the garden.  


All tools and equipment will need to be brought onto site and provided by myself for the work. I have everything we should need as far as gardening equipment, and can source the extra things we may need. There is also a garden centre 2 minutes drive down the road for other small things we may need to pick up. There will be a skip that we can potentially make light use of during the time of installation, as the school will be having other building work done at the same time. There may also be some waste materials from the other building work that we can make use of, although none of this can be guaranteed.


Every morning the staff, children and parents walk through the garden to enter the main entrance of the school. During the day at break times and lunchtime the children can come outside and use the space, though there is also a tarmac playground to the other side of the school and a school playing field to the back, for larger sports events. Parents enter the garden and wait there to collect their children at the end of the day. After school clubs and classes can also make use of the space, although none currently do. 


sector analysis

Sunlight: South facing garden, with a lot of sun.

Shade: In the early morning, the area next to the house and fence along the east side is shaded, but this boundary is in full sun during mid day and also catches a lot of the afternoon and evening sun. the only main shade is under the mature tree canopies.  

Wind: Some wind coming from the open western side, but nothing very strong.

Water: Water access is from an outside tap on the school building, for water elsewhere in the garden, hoses and/or rainwater collection will need to be established. Clear dry patches of soil under the mature tree canopies near the school.

Wildlife: I've observed birds mainly sticking to the large tree canopies, with an empty bird box in the large sycamore. Birds are more frequent in the large tree furthest from the school. Nearby, the lane that the school is on has lots of trees and has a much greater variety and number of bird life.

Children: Passing through the space on the paths and the grass. There are clear signs of them using a short cut through one area between paths where the soil has been worn bare.

Parents and visitors: using the paths through the site, gathering each day near the school entrance within the garden to wait to collect children. (Have noticed there's nowhere for them to sit)

View from passers by: The whole main garden space is visible from the road outside the school, but the memorial garden is hidden behind a wooden fence and high bushes. 

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