evaluation and tweaks

Some things needed to be adapted over the first few weeks of the new garden. It became apparent that the neighbour, living in the house that shared a wall with the garden, worked from home, and for her having a lot of new activity of excited children running around in the garden every day was causing some disruption and she complained to the school. It was especially troublesome as the stage had been placed in the far end of the garden close to her house. Clearly the garden was so little used before that it wasn't a problem for her! We went to speak with her about this, and together came to an idea to move the stage and plant a perennial bed of shrubs around her house that would grow to a height and depth as to discourage the children from getting too close, whilst also adding to the biodiversity and beauty of the garden. She was very happy with this outcome and we planted the flower bed the following week in the after school club.