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Children in Permaculture training

  • AMC gardens Kirkby Gardens Nottingham, England, NG2 United Kingdom (map)

A weekend permaculture course for parents, grandparents, teachers and others to engage children in all aspects of permaculture. Composed of both indoor and outdoor sessions we will learn how to spend times with children which are child-centred and/or child-led.

We will find out how permaculture ethics and principles can be applied to education, in how we speak, the activities we engage in and in the spaces we design.
We will discover some great benefits of outdoor learning, including relevant research, and learn how to create session plans which engage the whole child: eyes, heart, hands and head, through active participation in a session learning about soil.
We will look at different garden designs both in school and home gardens and get involved in practical activity.
We will learn about the different activities that we can do with children and, more importantly, think about how the way we approach the child can enable us to think of infinite possible activities.

This two day training course is the product of the three year European ‘Children in Permaculture’ project in which best practice has been shared across the continent from Finland to Italy, Scotland to Romania.

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*Knowledge of how permaculture can help you in your work with children.
*A toolbox of ways to engage children in permaculture using a holistic, creative approach which involves children in the whole process as a partner in their learning.
*Unique ideas about how to creatively design a playground/children’s garden to maximise the benefits of outdoor learning for children.
*Understanding of the basics about permaculture ethics, principles and design and how they can be useful in education.
*Confidence in the use of the CiP resources including the case studies, film and manual.
*Experience of examples in good practice and inspirational stories which will excite and encourage you to use CiP materials and to embed permaculture into your school/ curriculum/ garden etc.
*Inspiration to take children outdoors for experiential learning.
*Opportunity to meet other people who are interested in engaging children in permaculture
*A copy of the new book Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual by Alderslowe, Amus and Deshaies, 2018.

People working with children aged 3-12 years, such as school, nursery and kindergarten teachers, as well as those working in non-formal settings such as after-school or out-of-school club leaders (e.g. scout leaders), parents (whether natural, foster, adoptive or grandparents) and others who are aware of the importance of their role in children’s education.


Course fees are on a sliding scale depending on your income.

Unwaged (Max 2 places) £60.00

Low waged (up to £13k household income) £ 140.00

Waged £ 195.00

Good wage/ organisations £245.00


Lusi is an international permaculture practitioner, teacher and diploma tutor, with students and apprentices around Europe. She has led the Permaculture Design Course in Glasgow annually since 2010, as well as various others, is an author of the book 'Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual', a Forest School leader, a children's educator, Human Ecologist (MSc) and Permaculture practitioner and coordinates the Children in Permaculture project. Lusi has been engaging children in permaculture for 12 years in many places including an outdoor playgroup, a Children’s Garden, after-school groups, and in many nurseries and schools. Lusi cooks, forages, gardens, plays with her kids, surveys badgers, cycles a lot, walks more, organises numerous events, and loves our abundant and beautiful earth. She has a fun, informative, participatory teaching style with lots of diversity. 

Nim Robins is the lead designer, teacher and founder of a school based social enterprise 'Organic Playgrounds', with a mission to creatively re-wild schools across the country. She does this by consciously redesigning their outdoor areas to inspire and reconnect children to the natural world and their wild and playful natures, and facilitating meaningful outdoor learning through teacher training and advice. She has an educational background in Ecological science and teaching, and worked in a primary school for several years before deciding to specialise in permaculture design and outdoor learning. Alongside working in schools across the UK, Nim designs, teaches and tutors apprentices in the UK and across Europe.