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Designing creative spaces for children


Join us for this inspirational two day workshop where we will learn how to design and implement creative outdoor areas for children to play, learn and grow in together.

We will be covering:

  • A basic introduction to permaculture- what it is and how it can guide and inspire our work with children

  • The importance of nature connection

  • How to create immersive spaces that provide unlimited learning opportunities for all areas of the curriculum and beyond

  • Creative design techniques and processes to ignite your ideas and help them to become reality

  • Stories and advice from experienced childrens educators and designers


This workshop will be held at Crookes Community Farm, an awesome urban farm on the edge of Sheffield. The course will be taught both indoor and outdoors, with a mix of theory and hands on practical application.

Crookes community farm can be found down the little lane next to 48 St Anthony Road, Crookes, Sheffield, S10 1SG


This course will be led by myself and Rakesh Rootsman Rak.

Rakesh is an experienced permaculture teacher and low impact living designer from the UK, specialising in community resilience, permaculture, creating food forests and low maintenance food growing systems. Rakesh has been designing and teaching permaculture to individuals and communities since 2009, and has taught over 200 permaculture, forest gardening, eco village design and related courses. His design portfolio ranges from a forest garden on part of a 30-hectare ecovillage in Croatia that he co-owned through to many urban community food growing gardens, private farms and back gardens as well as designing collaborative businesses, urban water retention systems and even computer software and documentation systems. Along with Permaculture Rakesh focuses on the human skills of communication and planning so necessary for successful communities. He is one of the co-founders of the Children in Permaculture project which was launched at the international permaculture convergence in 2015. So be prepared to go off on inspirational tangents occasionally. 

Nim Robins is the lead designer, teacher and founder of a school based social enterprise 'Organic Playgrounds', with a mission to creatively re-wild schools across the country. She does this by consciously redesigning their outdoor areas to inspire and reconnect children to the natural world and their wild and playful natures, and facilitating meaningful outdoor learning through teacher training and advice. She has an educational background in Ecological science and teaching, and worked in a primary school for several years before deciding to specialise in permaculture design and outdoor learning. Alongside working in schools across the UK, Nim designs, teaches and tutors apprentices in the UK and across Europe.


We want to make this course available to everybody, no matter your financial circumstances. If you would like to join us but feel unable to pay any of the options listed below, please contact us and we will do our best to welcome you.

Course fees are on a sliding scale depending on your income.

Unwaged £60.00

Low waged (up to £13k household income) £ 140.00

Waged £ 195.00

Good wage/ organisations £245.00

To book your place on this course please contact me

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